Our Five Key Policy Areas

Our hope is that our research would either confirm or alter our assumptions to arrive at a final list.  Here are our suggested areas for policy development:

Human Safety & Security

Make human safety and security a top priority for every individual to ensure their well-being.



Demand quality, unity, fiscal responsibility and transparency of government is a strategic imperative for our city’s future.


Facilitate world class urban infrastructure development with a vision for sustainability and prosperity.

Economic Development & Diversification

Recognizing San Antonio’s unique position in the global market, we will promote economic development and diversification. 


To foster educational excellence and equity across our community, it is imperative to craft targeted solutions that improve educational outcomes.

Our Human Safety & Security Model Involves:
  • Physical Security – Sheltering, safeguarding against crime, accidents, and injuries.
  • Health Safety – Preventing diseases and ensuring access to quality healthcare.
  • Nutritional Safety – Providing ample access to safe and nutritious food.
  • Educational Security – Establishing robust and safe learning environments.
  • Environmental Safety – Protecting against pollution and natural disasters.
  • Psychological Safety – Focuses on creating public spaces where individuals feel valued and supported.

Key Area: Law Enforcement

We will focus on strengthening law and order with a community focus. We will develop policy prescriptions designed to enhance public safety in San Antonio by ensuring we have a well-funded and accountable law enforcement and fire protection presence.

Key Area: Public Health and Well-Being

Public health initiatives will be a cornerstone of our Human Safety initiative, with a focus on policy that addresses healthcare disparities, mental health issues, and ensuring access to quality healthcare for all residents, particularly in underserved communities.

Key Area: Vulnerable Communities

It is also vital to enhance city services and establish a firm support network for our most vulnerable members of our community such as our disabled citizens, people experiencing homelessness, veterans, single parents, victims of domestic violence, and seniors. Enhancing city services and support networks not only helps the individual recipients but also strengthens our community by fostering a supportive, inclusive environment where all members feel valued and able to contribute to society.

Demand Quality, Unity, Fiscal Responsibility and Transparency of Government

Ensuring we maintain a culture of excellence in municipal government is a strategic imperative for our city’s future. Qualified city leadership and exceptional city governance are imperatives that are not negotiable.  We believe that quality governance requires unified city leadership where a qualified mayor collaborates effectively with City Council and city management on one unified set of priorities towards the greater good.

Our policy prescriptions in this area will prioritize modeling a trait profile of the ideal mayor of the future. We will also focus on shaping policy for creating efficiencies in city operations in order to streamline processes, reduce costs, improve customer service, leverage technology for better citizen services, and ensure transparency and accountability in every department of the City of San Antonio.

Facilitate World Class Urban Infrastructure Development with a Vision for Sustainability and Prosperity

We will develop policy prescriptions that promote and incentivize sustainable and efficient urban development while respecting San Antonio’s identity, historical sites, cultural heritage, and natural beauty.  This includes policy for pressing issues such as improving roads, upgrading traffic management systems, funding public transportation, protecting our utilities, promoting green spaces, and opening the door to affordable housing, among others.

Key Area: Commercial, Industrial, and Affordable Residential Development

Of particular importance will be creating policy for facilitating sustainable and efficient urban development that supports economic growth and promotes housing affordability. This includes rethinking the city’s relationship with the investment and development community to allow for more meaningful dynamics that will encourage responsible and unimpeded real estate development and growth.

Key Area: Utilities

Given the extreme significance of CPS Energy and the San Antonio Water System to our City, we will develop policy prescriptions to ensure that our public utilities have the focus, funding, leadership expertise, and community support to provide us affordable, reliable, and ample public utility services.

Promote Economic Development and Diversification

Recognizing San Antonio’s unique position in the global marketplace, we will work towards developing policy prescriptions for strengthening and diversifying our economy, removing impediments to progress, and rebuilding our core industry sectors. We will develop sound solutions to attract, retain and expand investment, foster innovation, support small and family-owned businesses, boost the tech sector, and promote international trade.

Key Area: Workforce Development

Workforce development policy recommendations will align skills training with specific labor market needs through partnerships among government, businesses, and educational institutions.

Emphasizing technology and inclusivity, these policies will focus on upskilling, leveraging technology for education, and ensuring educational access for all citizens. Success will be measured through program outcomes evaluations, ensuring efforts support broader economic and community development goals.

Key Area: Military Affairs

A top priority for economic development will be to create policy that will allow us to continue to strengthen, grow, and protect our military missions. San Antonio’s reputation as “Military City USA” underscores the profound significance of fostering strong relationships with local military installations, personnel, and suppliers.

The city’s bond with the military is not just historical or symbolic; it’s a vital part of our social and economic fabric. We will develop policy prescriptions for strengthening ties with the military that will ensure mutual support, economic benefits, and a shared commitment to community and national security.

Improve Educational Outcomes

To foster educational excellence and equity across our community, it is imperative that we craft targeted solutions that enhance the quality of education by focusing on supporting initiatives that improve education leadership, teacher effectiveness and student outcomes.

Our policy prescriptions will prioritize strengthening public education by addressing the specific needs of parents, students, educators, and employers. By meticulously addressing diverse needs and enforcing accountability at all levels, we can achieve substantial improvements in educational outcomes for all students.