FutureFirst SA: Creating the City of Tomorrow, Today.


San Antonians will elect their new mayor next year. Indeed, 2025 will be a milestone election year considering that it will be the first open-seat mayoral election in over 15 years. Open seat elections, where the current mayor is not running for re-election, offer several key advantages that can positively influence municipal governance: the most important being leadership with a fresh perspective.

This next mayoral election offers us both a rare and unique opportunity to reassess and redefine our expectations of our next mayor and city government. It is also a chance to define the top policy priorities that our community believes the next mayor ought to champion. Applying higher scrutiny to both the qualification of mayoral candidates and the refinement of our city’s conventional policy agenda is not just a good idea but a necessity.

This is why I have asked my family and friends to help me launch and fund our new organization, FutureFirst SA. As a concerned San Antonian, I believe it is important to convene a public policy research and advocacy organization whose major objectives are to ensure that all candidates for the office of Mayor of San Antonio possess the acumen and wherewithal to govern effectively, and to develop and advocate for commonsense policy recommendations and solutions. We are proposing for research the following five (5) areas of focus we have determined should be the most pressing issues for San Antonians:

  1. Human Safety & Security
  2. Governance
  3. Infrastructure
  4. Economic Development & Diversification
  5. Education

We will try in earnest to fully understand what qualities San Antonians value in their next mayor and what city issues they care about the most. As a community, we’ve never established broad guidelines for objectively evaluating our mayor of the future and prioritizing those issues the whole of the community deems to be vital.

Our policy research will be conducted by an ideologically balanced team of policy and subject matter experts. All our research will be certifiably nonpartisan and fully inclusive. Our research activities will be designed under an open-source model, meaning that our research methodology and findings will be published for the public and media to review.

The three (3) main areas of research will be:

  1. Identify the key traits that San Antonians believe our next mayor must embody to effectively lead and govern our community.
  2. Identify the most significant challenges our next mayor will confront, and develop practical solutions to address them properly.
  3. Plan for the most significant economic, social, and cultural opportunities that our next mayor must embrace to ensure we capture as many of them as possible.

We realize that we have before us an unprecedented opportunity to fundamentally enhance the trajectory of our city by taking a disciplined approach to future-proofing San Antonio through leadership and policy focus. This moment is not just about embracing change—it’s about leading our city to its brightest future. Our collective action now will determine the prosperity and vibrancy of our City for generations to come.

Your engagement will catalyze the critical initiatives necessary to propel San Antonio forward. By leveraging our unique strengths—our diverse heritage, our resilient spirit, and our shared aspirations—we can rejuvenate and redefine what it means to live and work in San Antonio.

We have the power to shape our destiny and transform our city into a model of urban progress and inclusivity.

To learn more, please go to our website: FutureFirstSA.org. Please take a look and reach out to me directly at [email protected] if you would like to get involved. Together, we can ignite a transformation that will ensure San Antonio remains a beacon of hope, opportunity, and innovation. Let us embrace this rare chance to make a profound lasting difference in the city we call home.

Thank you for your consideration, and let’s keep San Antonio humming. 


Rolando Pablos, Founder, FutureFirst SA