FutureFirst: A New Standard for Leadership in San Antonio

By Rolando Pablos, May 30, 2024

San Antonio has been my home for nearly 40 years. This city first embraced me as a young college student, and I want nothing more than to see it thrive. My motivation for starting FutureFirst isn’t about seeking attention or being in the spotlight; it’s about ensuring the best for San Antonio, for my family, and for future generations.

Today, we begin establishing a non-negotiable standard for our mayoral candidates. We cannot rely on the same old thinking and allow just anyone to take the stage. We must come together to lead ourselves to a brighter future by setting new standards for leadership.

Without raising the bar for our mayoral candidates, we risk stagnation and falling back into our comfort zones. We can’t settle for unqualified individuals who simply declare themselves the best candidate without proper vetting—that is for us to decide. We’ve seen the consequences of this approach—remember George Santos? Do we want to be swayed by slick campaign ads and dubious managers convincing us their candidate is the best option?

It’s time to change our mindset. We need a strong, collective desire to reform how we select our mayor. The political system as it stands is failing us, and we can no longer rely on candidates to convince us they are the right choice.

Our movement is about creating a consistent standard in a world full of uncertainties. By starting here, we will generate a new energy that permeates everything we do.

Let’s commit to improving a little bit every day. Let’s challenge ourselves to uphold something non-negotiable today. The self-confidence and belief we’ll gain as a unified community will be unprecedented.

Together, we can build a San Antonio that is a beacon of hope and prosperity for all.

-Rolando Pablos